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In the present scenario of economic slowdown and cut-throat competition, business organizations strive hard to create a niche for themselves in the minds of the potential and existing customers as well as the important business associates. With traditional media such as television and newspapers taking a back seat, the introduction of promotional products has revolutionized the corporate world. Of all the promo give-aways, Eco Friendly promotional products make for a great gift item.

Everybody wants to get associated with the company that cares about environment. Hence, gifting eco-friendly items help attract new customers and retain old ones. There is a wide variety of such gift items available in the market to choose from including the following:

1. Biodegradable Plastic Calculators:

They are handy calculators perfect for office desk or grocery shopping. Being small in size, they fit perfectly well in a purse or pocket of the receiver. They are made from eco friendly biodegradable plastic and powered by button batteries that are easily recyclable.

2. Bamboo Cotton Shirts:

Shirts make for a perfect corporate gift. As they provide ample space, you can get them engraved with the name, logo, message, contact information and website address of your company. Available in both men's and ladies style, they offer extreme comfort and style. These shirts are a perfect choice for sales people.

3. Cotton Tote Bags:

Simple yet stylish tote bags offer great feel and look. When manufactured in cream color, they make for an ideal choice for promotional branding. As they are inexpensive as compared to other gift items, buying them in bulk helps you save a lot of money.

4. Bamboo USB Drives:

In the present scenario,where information transfer is considered as the need of an hour, distribution of USB drives help promote your business to a large extent. Using USB drives, you can easily and quickly transfer data. It is this utility that makes them highly popular among the business entrepreneurs. An eco friendly USB Drive engraved with the name and logo of your company would help you create brand awareness.

5. Bamboo Office Organizer:

You can select from a wide variety of desk top organizers such as pen holders, mouse mats or business card holders. Made from bamboo, they are readily accepted by the potential and existing customers and important business clients and associates.

Gifting these products would help spread the word about your company and let the customers know you care about the environment.

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